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    Broadway Comes to Nashville for ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical’

    Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is in Nashville for the weekend and it’s a must see for music lovers of any age. 

    Beautiful opened Tuesday night at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall and captivated Music City’s audience from start to finish. The musical tells the incredibly inspiring story of Carole King’s rise to fame, from the ripe age of 16, through mesmerizing musical numbers. The show won’t soon be forgotten by anyone lucky enough to attend it.

    The story was written by Douglas McGrath and it’s inspirational, charming and effortlessly funny. The characters’ quick wit and comedic timing make them each lovable (even if they’re being less than lovable).

    Beautiful: The Carole King Musical features 27 musical numbers that rely on powerful vocals and simple tracks. More than once, an audience member could be heard whispering, “Wow! It sounds just like them!” Julia Knitel’s ability to embody King’s personality and mimic her voice is uncanny — but she’s not the only one. The talented men who play The Drifters (Josh A. Dawson, Paris Nix, Jay McKenzie, Avery Smith) and the lovely ladies of The Shirelles (Erin Clemons, Rosharra Francis, Traci Elaine Lee, Salisha Thomas) do the same.

    With music like “So Far Away,” “You’ve Got a Friend,” “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and “One Fine Day” it’s no surprise that some of Nashville’s biggest songwriters were in the crowd on opening night. It’s a must see for audiences (and music lovers) of all ages.

    Get a preview of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical in the photos below and, if you see one musical this year, make it this one. Get more information at TPAC’s website.