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    14-Year-Old Lexi Lauren Urges Guys to Get Back to Basics in ‘Don’t Text’

    Lexi Lauren is a talented singer-songwriter that may not remember the days before texting, but she has a message for young guys about cellphones.

    Lauren is a 14-year-old country singer-songwriter that’s wise beyond her years. She recently released her debut music video for “Don’t Text,” which she also co-wrote. The song gives some useful advice to young men — advice you wouldn’t expect from a teenager.

    Don’t text, just call me back. / C’mon good looking, you’re better than that. / Oh baby, can’t you see? You’re the one that should be calling me,” she sings. The song’s lyrics urges guys to stop texting and to start picking up the phone. It may be “old-fashioned” but Lauren realizes the importance of communication.

    In the visual for the song, Lauren is trying to reach the guy she’s crushing on but he just won’t pick up his phone. Eventually he does something to prove that chivalry isn’t dead and the pair get their happy ending. It’s a sweet video with a really important message.

    “Don’t Text” is Lauren’s first release after gaining exposure on In just two months on the app, the country cutie garnered an impressive 100K followers! The single was mixed by 3x Grammy winner Dave Clauss, who mixed a majority of Maren Morris‘ record. He’s also worked with Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Shakira, Justin Bieber and more. 

    Lauren is currently busy working on her debut EP, which is due out later this year. For now, you can support her by snagging “Don’t Text” on iTunes.

    What do you think of the message behind Lauren’s song? Leave us a comment below and let us know!