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    Zedd and Maren Morris’ Hit Recorded in Hutton Hotel’s Writers’ Room

    Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey’s hit, “The Middle,” was recorded right here in Nashville at the brand new writers’ rooms at the Hutton Hotel.“The Middle” is currently climbing up the Billboard Hot 100 chart and in the background of Target commercials. It’s impossible to not hear the song at least once a day. It’s a unique blend of country and electronic but, somehow, it works. It works so well that Morris has now become the first country singer to ever top the Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart. It’s a genre-bending, barrier-breaking hit.

    A lot of hits are written and recorded right here in Nashville but this one is unique. This song was recorded at the Hutton Hotel’s new writers’ rooms. They’re the product of the recent multimillion-dollar renovations to the Music City hotel. Sure, writers’ rooms are a dime a dozen here in Nashville but these each had their own unique vision. Along with interior design firm Studio 11, Dierks Bentley and OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder each created one room. Bentley’s is inspired by Arizona roots (above) while Tedder’s has more of an urban industrial vibe (pictured below).

    These writers’ rooms don’t just look the part, they’re also fully functional. They have modern and retro gear including premium tube amps and handcrafted microphones. Michael Cronin designed the acoustics in the room so that the “sound quality and creative output stays true to your vision.”

    Hutton Hotel Writers' Room
    Katie Kauss

    These two writers’ rooms are now available for rent at the boutique hotel. If you’re interested in writing or recording your own tunes in the Hutton Hotel, request a room here. You can also find out more information on the rooms and their equipment on the website.

    Watch the official music video for “The Middle” below.

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