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    Luke Combs Fan Tweets Looking for Mystery Girl After Concert

    After a recent show, a Luke Combs fan sent a missed connection tweet looking for a mystery girl.

    Combs recently kicked off the inaugural Old Row Summer in Charleston with Jon Langston. The night was one “Memories Are Made Of,” but that was even more true for one guy in particular. Ethan Doby attended the show and became one of the most chivalrous concertgoers when he let one pretty lady get a better view. He let her watch the North Carolina native perform from the comfort of his shoulders.

    The only problem was Doby didn’t get her digits following the concert. Maybe she left too quickly. Maybe he was shy. Either way, it was a missed connection and what’s a guy to do? He took to Twitter and asked for Combs’ help.

    Combs realized the lady hit him like a “Hurricane,” so he intervened to try and help. He tweeted, “Dear woman on shoulders, if you see this, you’ve captured this man’s heart and he needs to find you. Please slide in his DM’s.”

    The tweet had over 24K retweets and 57K favorites and, by the next day, several of the mystery woman’s friends realized it was Amy. One friend even said, “I’m texting her!” Others were tweeting Doby telling him they “needed to know” and were “here for this!”

    Now that it’s been a few days, what happened with Doby and mystery girl Amy? We spoke to him and he said they had contacted each other and, “We are definitely gonna try to see each other.” According to his Twitter, Doby “got the digits, and dinner when I go back.”

    We hope this is a successful love story. To see what happens with the two Combs fans, follow Doby on Twitter. We bet he’ll let his new Twitter fans know all about their upcoming date.


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