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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Singer-Songwriter Charly Reynolds

    When we wrote it, I knew it would be my next single because it is unapologetically raw and real.

    Charly Reynolds is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter with a talent that’s well beyond her years. She just released a new single (“Hey Hypocrite”) and it’s her best (so far) so we got to know the woman behind the music, learning about her recent music, what Montgomery Gentry taught her and even her favorite Taylor Swift song.

    Coti Howell: So glad we’re finally doing this! When I read your bio, I saw that Disney and Broadway brought you to music. Do you have an earliest memory? 

    Charly Reynolds: I actually remember when I was little — around five or six — I would go out in my backyard and sing to the birds and squirrels like Snow White to see if they would come and listen to me. One time a bird actually did come and sit on my chair and it truly made me think I was a princess! As far as Broadway, I loved singing “Popular” from Wicked and would dress up in my living room and sing that song all the time. 

    Then you found Taylor Swift, who eventually led you to country music. What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?

    CR: It is impossible to pick just one! I will give you the top three. I love “Mine,” “Love Story” and “Fifteen.” I honestly love every Taylor Swift song — there isn’t one I don’t like.

    I feel the same way. And you fell in love with music, and country music, and moved to right here — Nashville. You moved here and really started to hustle and began playing writer’s rounds. What did you learn during that time? 

    CR: Yes! I moved to Nashville two weeks after graduating high school. I think I did my first writer’s round after six months of living here because I didn’t know how to get involved. I finally started meeting people and started playing rounds. Honestly, one thing I learned is that I didn’t have to be such a perfectionist. We are all here playing our music and sharing it with the world. If you play the wrong chord, it is okay! I used to beat myself up over playing the wrong chord or singing the wrong lyric. Plus if you sing the wrong word in an original song that isn’t released, no one would know the difference! 

    We are all here playing our music.

    You’ve also supported acts like Montgomery Gentry, Billy Dean and Darryl Worley. I’m sure watching them had to teach you a few things about performing. What were some of your takeaways? 

    CR: Opening for all of these amazing people was something that I felt so blessed to do. They all taught me to be confident in your skills and to show people what you are made of. 

    I’m so excited for what’s to come for you with your music. Most recently, you released “Half Of It.” What’s the story behind that one? 

    CR: I am very excited as well. I released “Half Of It” in Oct 2020 — it was a song that I wrote during quarantine with my friend Nicole about how it is okay to not have everything in our lives together and how people only see one-half of our lives. During COVID, I honestly struggled pretty hard. I was depressed and didn’t let anyone know it. It has always been very hard for me to be vulnerable and share my feelings. It got harder and harder to put up a front on social media every day looking like my life during Corona was going amazing, outside tanning and living life. I just needed to write a song about how people don’t always know what is going on behind the scenes. When we wrote it, I knew it would be my next single because it is unapologetically raw and real. 

    Why was it important for you to release such a raw song?

    CR: I wanted to release it for me to have that reminder that it is okay if I am not put together all the time. I thought maybe people would relate to it and I wanted them to have that reminder as well. 

    Obviously, things are weird right now with shows. How have you been working throughout COVID and staying creative? 

    CR: Live streams have done me well during COVID! I was going live every night for about a month during April or May and it was nice because I could do it from the comfort of my home. I have also had some co-writes over Zoom, but I personally would rather write in person. The whole vibe is completely different. But, I have had a few shows here and there over the last couple of months and hope that they keep building! I miss being out and meeting country music fans all over. 

    I have seen you’ve been out playing more. I’m hoping for lots more live music in 2021! You also have “Hey Hypocrite” which is out now. It’s my favorite! What’s your goal for that song and for this year?

    CR: I always have so many goals but, this year, I want to stay true to myself as an artist and really decide what I want to say with my music. I also want to get a song I release in the Top 10 on the iTunes charts. You can help me do that by purchasing “Hey Hypocrite” here.

    What else do you have in store for 2021?

    CR: I hope to be releasing a few more singles before and during summer this year — maybe even an EP coming your way. I will also be planning as many in-person shows as I can.

    Stay tuned for more from Reynolds and keep up with her on Instagram and Facebook.


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