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    Why Workplace Cleanliness is Becoming a National Issue

    The key to an effective work environment is its people. Most businesses today prioritize their worker’s welfare by giving them health and safety benefits for increased productivity and satisfaction of all the employees. Part of this commitment is focusing on workplace cleanliness. Now more than ever, cleanliness is taking center stage. Businesses must provide a hygienic workplace where people would experience clean restrooms, cubicles, and some common areas with the help of building service contractors and facility managers. Cleanliness now is becoming a national issue due to these factors.

    Health and Safety of Employees

    A good working environment is one that allows employees to efficiently carry out their tasks. Focusing on having a clean and organized workplace provides a host of benefits for employees’ health and safety. Some additional benefits include: 

    • The prevention of the spread of germs and viruses. A dirty office is a significant source of bacteria, which can be harmful to everyone’s health. Viruses spread through common surfaces, such as doorknobs, tabletops, and other frequently touched areas, spreading illnesses faster. 
    • Worker’s positive effectivity with work due to reduced stress and anxiety. A clean workplace should start with the design process. During the planning, the layout and placement of office equipment should be carefully carried out to prevent cluttered workspaces, unkempt common areas, and dirty restrooms. A clean workspace motivates employees and keeps them focused on work.

    Promotes Productivity

    In Tennessee, there are specific policies that allow for several absences. Most businesses allow a certain number of sick leaves by their employees in a year. This can add to a company’s expenses and can affect the total performance of the business. A clean workplace supports the employee’s health and safety, resulting in preventing illnesses. It also creates a positive attitude for all workers with the elimination of clutters and foul smells. This would increase a higher quality of work and productivity. 

    Maintaining a clean workplace gives the impression that business owners care about their employees and value their health and welfare. The regular cleaning of restrooms, pantry, conference rooms, and other critical areas in the workplace ensures that hygiene is a top priority.

    How to Maintain Workplace Cleanliness

    In maintaining a clean workplace, facility managers should communicate appropriately with building service contractors like the Nashville janitorial services to follow some procedures for effective cleaning. This includes:

    • Perform top-to-bottom way of cleaning. This type of cleaning procedure helps prevent cross-contamination and the need to repeat the cleaning of certain areas. An excellent example of this would be windows, walls, and air vents should be the first areas cleaners should clean. For the restrooms, cleaning toilets and sinks should be a secondary focus, then the mopping and drying of its floors.
    • Choose reputable products for the workplace. It is imperative to use high-quality products to ensure tip-top cleanliness. Workplaces can use toilet papers that can produce safe enzymes that eliminate dirt during contact with water. This type of toilet paper is effective in cleaning, and it is safe for people to use. There are also toilet papers that dissolve when flushed away, which helps in reducing pipe clogs.
    • Cleaning products that have a sustainable quality are also essential to limit exposure to dangerous chemicals. There are ready-to-use, non-toxic disinfectants that can kill bacteria on surfaces.
    • Workplaces should have stocks of supplies ready for replenishments. Workplaces should regularly check supplies and be ready to replace key items such as hand sanitizer, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, and toilet paper before they run out. 
    • It is also useful for workplaces to use signages that promote common sense measures. Posting signages may contain gentle reminders to employees about shielding sneezes and coughs, frequent handwashing, and staying home when feeling sick.

    Keeping a clean workplace can be a hard task for business owners at first, but it will bring great benefits for everyone. Cleanliness creates a better physical appearance of a workplace and positively impacts workers’ productivity, satisfaction, and health and safety.