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    Review: ‘Without Remorse’ Delivers as Michael B. Jordan is the Next Big Action Star

    Without Remorse is the first film in a partnership between Michael B. Jordan’s production company Outlier Society and Amazon Studios and it is not your typical action movie. The action is there but there’s also a story that brings viewers in and makes them invest in the characters.

    For a long time, we have been looking for that next big action star. Back in the ’80s, we had Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone battling it out for who was the best. Today, we have The Rock and many failed attempts at trying to replicate him. Without Remorse proves that we’ve found our new action star in Jordan.

    Time and time again, we see guys on the big screen kicking ass and taking names but it’s just not believable (say for instance Bob Odenkirk in Nobody and Liam Neeson in, well, everything). But Jordan makes you believe it. He’s the guy audiences can look at and say, “He could actually do this.” He makes Without Remorse seem believable.

    Without Remorse is a structurally sound action-packed adventure that showcases why Michael B. Jordan is the next big action star. Check out more in my video review below.