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    Wild Cub are Back With Insanely Catchy New Song, ‘I Fall Over’

    After a hiatus (that felt like a lifetime to fans), Wild Cub are back with new music. “I Fall Over” is the first taste of their upcoming album and, damn, it tastes good.

    If you’re a fan of bubbly, energetic pop music then Wild Cub is a name you need to know. They first achieved mainstream success with their addictive song, “Thunder Clatter.” Sirius XM’s Alt Nation discovered the song and played the heck out of it. That led to a record deal with Mom + Pop records, TV appearances and honors including Rolling Stone‘s 10 New Artists You Need to Know in 2014. “Thunder Clatter” made quite the impression and now the Los Angeles based band is back.

    “I Fall Over” dropped today and it’s everything Nashville Noise has come to know and love about Wild Cub. It’s infectious pop music that is a complete pleasure for your ears. From start to finish, the track grabs us, holds us and doesn’t let go. It’s a tasty pop song and the sweet icing on the musical cake is Keegan DeWitt’s vocals.

    Fortunately, for Wild Cub fans, there is more to come. Their sophomore album is now available for pre-order and the story behind the record is so Wild Cub. Basically, they had access to a top producer and a great studio, but they decided to scale back on production. Just like they did with their first album, Youth, they turned a house into a record studio and began to create Closer.

    “It was a very scary moment to pack up our things and step into the unknown like that, but it honestly felt like the only way,” DeWitt explains. “But in the end, after hearing so many people say that Youth, an album we’d created completely on our own, had connected and meant something to them, we felt compelled to double down on that original process.”

    Closer drops on Sept. 8 and Wild Cub admits that their first single is a “strong contender for our favorite track on the album.” To celebrate the new music, they’re going on tour this fall. Nashville isn’t on the list but a road trip for a Wild Cub show isn’t a bad idea. See their tour dates and get tickets here.

    Download “I Fall Over” now. If it doesn’t get your toe tapping, you may need to check your pulse.