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    What Would a Nashville Casino Look Like?

    There is no indication that Tennessee will be legalizing in-person casinos anytime soon. The state has maintained a fairly rigid stance in this regard and in fact, even lacks the American Indian reservation casinos that are allowed to operate in so many other states. At the same time, it’s an idea worth fantasizing about.

    That fantasy is worthwhile for two reasons. One is that the U.S. by and large is slowly easing up with regard to casinos. Numerous states have progressed toward partial or full online casino play, and there’s every possibility that more in-person establishments could follow. The other reason is that some of the closest casinos to Nashville are among the best in America (at least outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City). Granted they’re not particularly close, but Caesars Indiana and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel in North Carolina are the real deal, and a brand new casino near Charlotte looks awfully impressive also.

    In other words, the U.S. may gradually be embracing casino entertainment a little bit more, and some of the facilities that are at least somewhat close to Nashville demonstrate just how fun this kind of entertainment can be. Considering this, we can’t help but wonder: Beyond the obvious, what would a Nashville casino look like?

    There are a number of factors that could actually make it truly unique.

    An Older Aesthetic

    The best way for a Nashville casino to differentiate itself would be through its literal design and aesthetic. When you consider Nashville’s primary attractions and landmarks, what really stands out is that a lot of them are older, or even historic in nature. From the Nashville Parthenon to the General Jackson Showboat, to various callbacks to country music history (and southern history more broadly), there’s a vintage flavor to the city. Anyone designing a casino in Nashville (hopefully in the near future!) would do well to take this into account.

    Naturally, any casino is going to have a certain modern touch to it. There need to be bright lights, state-of-the-art games, cozy amenities and so forth. But if the actual design aesthetic could capture some of the historic quality of Nashville’s greatest landmarks, it would immediately be a one-of-a-kind venue.

    A Brand New Show Venue

    Nashville is not hurting for show venues (and for those from out of town, rest assured the options extend well beyond the Grand Ole Opry). Nevertheless, live music is the very beating heart of the city and if a new casino in town also housed a brand new concert hall, it would be even more of an instant attraction. Of course in a town like this it takes time for a music venue to develop its own personality, so to speak. There have to be meaningful debuts and great shows over the years, and a reputation has to build up organically. Still, a well-designed venue makes for a good start, and presumably, anyone erecting a new casino would have the budget to make it special.

    Music-Themed Slot Machines

    While poker and other table games are often a lot of fun, slots and video poker games are the lifeblood of most casinos. The fun thing about this is that every venue can populate its slot floor distinctly, with different themes of its choosing. And in this regard, a Nashville casino could easily tap into an existing niche of music-related slots that exist on internet gaming sites.

    As one of the preeminent destinations for these internet-based games, Gala Spins’ slot games provide some sense of the prevalence of music-related titles even within a vast and diverse selection. Said games highlight titles like Ozzy Osbourne Video SlotsMonsters Of RockCosmic Disco and even multiple games based on “Jingle Bells.” There are also multiple games featuring original EDM soundtracks and in the slot genre more broadly there are some additional titles here and there based on popular rock and pop stars.

    A Nashville casino wouldn’t have to focus exclusively on these kinds of titles. But to highlight Nashville’s unofficial place as the music capital of the U.S., it would do well to embrace existing music slots and perhaps commission a few original new ones to establish a fitting gaming vibe.

    Hot Chicken!

    Last but not least, there would have to be an emphasis on Nashville hot chicken as well! As anyone who’s ever lived in or visited Nashville is well aware, this has become the definitive local dish. We’ve highlighted Hattie B’s before in talking about hot chicken, but the truth is there are numerous local recipes and establishments constantly vying for the hot chicken crown. The bottom line is, we love our hot chicken, and we may love showing it off to visitors even more. A new, original, and authentic hot chicken restaurant — perhaps elevated with a nice sit-down atmosphere — would be an absolute must in a Nashville casino.

    Again, there is, unfortunately, no indication that any such venue is being considered just yet. And that may be the case for a while. But with feelings toward casinos easing up around the U.S., and a few fun venues popping up here and there, it is again something worth fantasizing about.