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Exclusive Premiere: Voth’s ‘Seventeen’ Music Video

The video shows our personalities as well as our intentionality to make really good music.

VOTH Seventeen Music Video
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Our friends in the country sibling quartet, Voth, just released their self-titled EP last month. On the six-song EP is a song called “Seventeen,” which is definitely a standout. It’s a nostalgic song about young love.

“When we were writing this song, we really wanted listeners to put themselves into the story. We all had experiences in young love and we felt that people would connect to it on a very real level,” the band’s Caleb Voth says. “Recording it was so much fun. We knew we wanted to do it in Tulsa to keep with our vision of making hometown music. We paired up with our producer, Sam Westhoff, who is shown in the video behind the computer. He has a way of brilliantly working with our family — which is a talent in and of itself. He knew how to piece it all together just right without losing the passion and drive of the song. It turned out exactly like we hoped it would.”

That’s right. The music video actually takes viewers behind the scenes of the creation of the song. We see them working together to get the song just right while working on their own vocals and instruments. The lyrics display on the screen as the song progresses.

“We were so light-hearted and truly enjoyed the process of doing it together. The video shows our personalities as well as our intentionality to make really good music. If you’re not having fun while doing it, I don’t know why you are doing it at all. Making music in the studio is definitely different than playing live. You have to be very intentional about keeping the energy without making it feel ‘rehearsed.’ We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of making music and getting to do it together is a dream come true.”

Watch the video below.

We first discovered Voth back in 2018 and have been hooked ever since. You can read our very first interview with Caleb Voth (guitar/vocals), Hannah Voth (vocals), Cody Voth (vocals) and Jacob Voth (dreams) here.

Voth was released in February and you can get the EP now. Stay tuned for more from the group by liking their Facebook page.

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