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Exclusive Video Premiere: Jon Mullins’ ‘Better Man’

Pop powerhouse Jon Mullins just dropped his brand new song, “Better Man.” Along with the song, he also dropped its raw, real, beautiful video and we have the exclusive premiere. If you haven’t already fallen in love with Mullins’ voice, this video should do the trick.

“Better Man” is Mullins’ first release in four years and it’s a story that’s near and dear to his heart (and his wife’s). He penned the song after his wife, Whitney, suffered a devastating fall. It left her without 60% of her speech and motor skills and with anxiety and panic attacks. Obviously, this was something the couple had to get through together (they did and she is now thriving) but through the struggle, “Better Man” was born. It came out of Mullins’ promise to never give up on her — or their marriage.

For such a beautifully personal song, it could be easy for the lyrics to get lost in an intricate music video. Instead, Mullins lets his message — and vocals — shine in a visual that truly focuses on him. The new video starts with him writing in his journal before serenading the camera. While singing, Mullins is sitting casually in what looks like a living room, which adds to the personal nature of the visual. Eventually, he takes his words to the piano and studio to finish “Better Man.”

Watch the brand new video below and keep up with the pop singer by following him on Instagram.

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