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    Video Premiere: Erin Grand “Mood” (Casual Sessions) in Nashville

    Erin Grand stripped back her song “Mood” in this gorgeous Casual Sessions video, really letting her soulful voice shine. The beautiful video was shot right here in Nashville and we have the exclusive premiere.

    “‘Mood’ was a really fun song to kind of strip back and do just vocal and acoustic on, just because it’s such a drastic change, going from being so R&B-heavy to something a little more sultry – which is really how the song started off in the first place,” Grand explains.

    Watch the video and scroll down to learn more about Erin Grand.

    “Mood” was released in the fall of 202 and the three-and-a-half-minute song is a great introduction to the Minnesota native with multitalented vocal chops. In this song alone, she seamlessly blends sounds of country, pop, and even soul. Stay updated on Grand’s music and more here.

    About Erin Grand:

    For artist Erin Grand, all roads led to a career in music from the start. The pop-country powerhouse – whose new single “Lonely Does” is available now – always seemed divinely driven toward a vocation in the performance arts. “I never really excelled in school – it just wasn’t my thing. And I’ve never had a full-time job that didn’t involve music. It’s what I was put here to do.” Drawing inspiration from the stylings of favorites Maren Morris, Keith Urban, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars, Grand’s sound – which she calls “pop country with a LOT of soul” – perfectly compliments her lyrical voice. “I like to write about what could be… made up things. Imagining things in a way that most men or women would dream of wanting.” 

    In October 2020, Grand released her sultry, driving debut single “Mood,” followed by carefree, quirky upbeat tune “Better With Wine” (July 2021). As she continues to release new music, backed by a team solely composed of women (“I love working with women”), Grand’s distinct vocal tenor and strength, paired with candid (and oftentimes witty) lyricism continually merit new fans and position her as one of the industry’s most promising talents.