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    Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Your Music-Loving Bae

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but it’s not too late to grab a last minute gift. Instead of a cliche one, try one of these great ideas for your music-loving Valentine.

    With Valentine’s Day in a few days, it’s easy to get sucked into the same old Valentine’s gifts. You know the ones — flowers, chocolates and gimmicky teddy bears. Forget those this year. Here’s a list of gifts that will excite your music-loving significant other. Even if you can’t get them in before the holiday, it’ll be worth the wait.

    Custom Vinyl Art


    What’s more romantic than a custom piece of art? And what’s cooler than a custom vinyl art piece? Order your very own lyric vinyl on Etsy and have your song inscribed on the record. You won’t have it in time for the romantic holiday but your bae will melt when they see how special this is.

    Heartbeat Music Pillow

    DecorHouzz Music Lover Pillow

    If the person in your life really loves music, they’ll love this decorative throw pillow. With a quote about heartbeats, it’s romantic and a great Valentine’s Day gift. If you order now, you can get it in time for V-Day. Just choose one-day shipping at checkout.

    Guitar String Bracelet


    There is nothing cuter than this guitar string bracelet! It’s the perfect gift for your music-loving lady (or man). These bracelets ship from the U.K. so they won’t be here before Feb. 14 but you can always print out a photo and wrap that. The price tag makes this one worth the wait!



    If your bae wants a turntable, you can get them a great one (without breaking the bank). This Audio Technica AT-LP60BK was voted one of the best for the year and it has an amazing price tag! It’s less than $100 and can be delivered on Valentine’s Day with two-day shipping.

    Vinyl Jewelry Holder


    This vinyl jewelry holder is the perfect combination of femininity and music. Any lady who loves jewelry, earrings and music would be over the moon to get this adorable gift. It’s $30 on Etsy and comes in several colors.

    Steel Guitar Pick


    If your relationship is new or you want to find a cheaper gift to go along with a night out, this is the one for you. This steel guitar pick is so cheesy and cute — and it’s less than $10! It’s eligible for Amazon prime if you order now.

    Best Albums Book


    If your significant other likes to read (or just decorate their coffee table with light reading), this book is a great Amazon gift. This 100 Best Albums Of All Time book is $34.95 and will be a gift for years to come.

    Vinyl Record Frames


    Help your Valentine decorate their pad with their favorite music this Valentine’s Day. These vinyl record frames are affordable and easy to access. Your partner’s favorite music will be adorning their walls in no time.

    Music Note Necklace


    The girl in your life will absolutely love this dainty music note necklace (and your wallet will love the price). It’s less than $15 and you have options like necklace length, birthstone and initial letter. Be extra sweet and get your initial engraved on the necklace. That way, she’ll think of you every time she wears it. This necklace is available on Etsy.

    Concert Tickets

    What’s better than gifts on Valentine’s Day? Memories, of course! If you’ve been thinking of attending a show with your significant other, now is the time to get two tickets. If you’re in Nashville, head to our events page to see upcoming shows in Music City.


    What are you getting for your person on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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