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    Exclusive Premiere: V Blackburn’s Flirty Track, ‘A$AP Rocky’

    "It's a killer track for sure, but I'm most stoked about the lyrics."

    Nashville-based artist, V Blackburn, is gearing up to release a new EP, Public Figure. She’s already released one track from the EP and we have an exclusive premiere of the second one titled, “A$AP Rocky.”

    If you’re not familiar with V Blackburn yet, you will be. She’s multi-talented and describes her sound as “grit-pop.” She’s a talented lyricist with the catchy hooks of pop music combined with blues-rock guitar vibes.

    Blackburn released the first track from Public Figure on March 29. “Jon Hamm” was the first taste of the forthcoming EP. Listen to that song here. While we love the infectious track with the rockin’ vibes, we really love “A$AP Rocky.”

    “I’ve been shamelessly jamming to this song since before it was completed and I’m so glad to finally be giving it to the world,” she explains. “It’s a killer track for sure, but I’m most stoked about the lyrics. My co-writer, Kathryn Hallberg, and I methodically wove in many lyrical winks and nods to A$AP Rocky’s work. I just love knowing there are a bunch of Easter Eggs hidden in this danceable, flirty tune.”

    Think you can find the nods to A$AP Rocky? Check out the song below and let us know if you do.

    If you want more from this badass female musician, give her Facebook page a like and stay tuned for more news about her forthcoming EP.

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