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Try Trisha Yearwood’s Five-Star Deviled Egg Recipe

Trisha Yearwood Deviled Eggs
Food Network

Trisha Yearwood isn’t just a talented singer, she’s also an amazing chef. She shared her deviled egg recipe on her Food Network cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

Deviled eggs are great for holidays and parties but sometimes they can get a little boring. Yearwood’s unique recipe is anything but boring, though. Hers includes sour cream and, our favorite, bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon?

According to the recipe, it only takes about 25 minutes to whip these unique treats up but you’ll need to let them chill. The simple recipe only has five ingredients plus salt and pepper. It’s a foolproof (and delightful) way to surprise your friends and family at your next gathering. (They don’t need to know how simple they were.)

Grab some eggs that are about to expire for this recipe, they’re easier to peel. Then make sure you have mayo, sour cream, bacon and chives. That’s all you need to make these sour cream and bacon deviled eggs. Check out the full recipe, that serves 8 to 12, on the Food Network website. This one’s pretty easy and we’d love to see your finished product so be sure to tag Nashville Noise on social media.

Enjoy more southern recipes from Yearwood by tuning in to Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. Check your local listing for dates and times.