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Trisha Yearwood’s Brownie Recipe Includes Coconut Frosting

It’s always a good time for a tasty brownie! Trisha Yearwood‘s brownie recipe is so decadent and even includes coconut frosting!

A few years ago, Yearwood was on ABC to discuss her cookbook. While she was there, she whipped up a delicious batch of brownies with coconut frosting and nuts on top. The easy recipe was a big hit and ABC News shared the recipe, which we just discovered (and fell in love with).

These brownies are considered easy, make more than eight and take up to an hour to cook. You’ll need baking chocolate, Crisco and all the normal ingredients for the brownies. The frosting calls for evaporated milk, sugar, egg yolks, butter, coconut, nuts and vanilla.

ABC News calls this one kid friendly so you can have the youngsters help you while baking these tasty treats. Head to their website for the complete recipe and directions. You’ll be enjoying a hot brownie in no time.

That recipe along with many others from Yearwood’s kitchen can be found in the book below.

Want more from Yearwood? We also have her super easy mug cake recipe, if you’re feeling lazy, and a unique recipe for her bacon waffles.



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