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    Trent Harmon’s Acoustic Version of ‘You Got ‘Em All’ Will Blow You Away

    Trent Harmon just released a new acoustic video and we can’t stop hitting play. The clip shows how truly impressive his voice really is.

    Just a few days ago, Harmon took to YouTube to add an acoustic video from the Ivy Hall Sessions. The four-minute video is Harmon performing “You Got ‘Em All” alongside a piano. If you’ve ever listened to the song you know that even the recorded version packs a pretty powerful punch.

    ‘Cause I’m still waiting on life to begin again / Still waiting on love to give a second chance, to stop me and steal my breath the way you did. / I’m still looking for your Jeep in every parking lot, still taste your lips with every whiskey shot. / I hope you found whatever I ain’t found yet, ’cause I feel like all my better days are gone. / And I think you got ’em all,” he sings in the track.

    The heartbreaking song was written by Harmon, Jordan Terry Minton and Justin Ebach. It’s about that moment after a breakup when you can’t get the person out of your head. You wonder if you’ll ever get over them or if you’ll ever see better days. That feeling comes across in the recorded version but you actually feel it in the acoustic version.

    Watch Harmon’s acoustic take of “You Got ‘Em All” below and be prepared to be amazed.

    Like what you hear? Download Harmon’s album of the same name by clicking on the album art below.