Travis Scott’s McDonald’s Meal + Merch Drops

Travis Scott may be what brings the Nashville Noise team back to McDonald’s. The rapper now has his very own meal at the fast-food chain and it’s his exact order. If that wasn’t enough, he also dropped a line of merchandise that pays tribute to the Golden Arches.

In the new ad for the $6 Travis Scott meal, he reveals his favorite Mickey D’s order. It starts with a Quarter Pounder with cheese complete with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard and bacon. He pairs that with medium fries and BBQ sauce for dipping. On the side, you’ll get a Sprite — with extra ice. “Same order since back in Houston,” he says in the ad. That meal is now available at participating McDonald’s but that’s not all.

He also has merchandise.

Scott just dropped the McDonald’s themed merch on his website and there’s a lot of it. There are graphic tees (our favorite are the squad tees featuring McNuggets), hoodies, denim shorts, casual shorts, work pants, denim jeans, hats and more. There’s also a $90 nugget body pillow for when you’re feeling lonely (or hungry).

Check out all of the merchandise on Scott’s official website.


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