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‘Time’s Up’: Song Suffragettes Speak Out About Gender Inequality

The talented ladies of Song Suffragettes are saying, “Time’s Up.” Their new song unapologetically addresses gender inequality and sexual misconduct.

The Time’s Up movement already swept the Golden Globes and now it’s in Nashville. The all-female singer-songwriter collective, Song Suffragettes, are addressing the movement in their new song. The song, and its video, calls out the injustices women face. Whether it’s inequality, sexual misconduct or mistreatment, the Song Suffragettes are saying “Time’s Up” on all of it.

“Me and the girls were watching the Golden Globes, drinking wine and wearing all black. During one of the many inspiring speeches that night, I just felt the weight of what was happening — how I was going to tell my daughters and granddaughters about this one day,” Kalie Shorr, one of the song’s co-writers, explains.

“It came together so easily and flawlessly because the amazing girls of Song Suffragettes were so passionate about the cause and willing to move around their schedules to make it happen. The team behind Song Suffragettes hustled so hard to make this project come to life making our idea a reality. I have been so inspired by this whole reckoning that’s been happening and it just felt so obvious to connect that to what we do at Song Suffragettes.”

Watch the video below and stay tuned for more from the talented women of the Song Suffragettes.

Time’s Up by Song Suffragettes on VEVO.

Proceeds from the sale of this song will benefit Time’s Up. The organization has created united women in entertainment to end discrimination, harassment and abuse of women everywhere.

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