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    Tim Rushlow Talks Changes in the Industry, Teases New Project

    Tim Rushlow is a music industry veteran with many years of success.

    Rushlow got his first taste of success in the early 90s as the lead singer of Little Texas. They were known for hits like “My Love,” “Kick A Little,” “God Blessed Texas” and more. After the band broke up, Rushlow set out on a solo career where he kept up the hit-making momentum. His most popular solo single was “She Misses Him.” With that much hard work and time in the business, he has seen it change a lot.

    “When I first came here we didn’t have YouTube, we didn’t have any internet stuff that’s going on today,” he told Nashville Noise during CMA Fest. “I look back now it was a lot more sweat, equity, a lot more hard work. With Little Texas, we would play clubs, and I would try to map out where to play with my atlas. I would call the club up and tell them we need to play there and they would hire us. They would pay us $2,000 for six of us for the week to play there.”

    “The way it’s changed is that I don’t have to leave the house… The landscape has changed. The record labels needed artists then. They still need artists today but in a different way. Back then it was, ‘We’re the label and we’re going to make money on record sales and you’re going to make the money touring.’ Now it’s, ‘We’re not making as much money in record sales anymore so we want a piece of everything’,” he explains. “Creatively speaking, I think the industry is in a great spot. There’s great songs out there to be written yet. I’m one of those artists that embrace new artists.”

    Ever since his solo career, Rushlow has had other musical ventures. Currently, he is part of a trio of veteran hit-makers called The Frontmen. Rushlow is in the group alongside Larry Stewart of Restless Heart and Richie McDonald of Lonestar. They debuted their single, “If It Wasn’t for the Radio,” earlier this year.

    He’s also living out another dream by curating The Great American Songbook, something that happened naturally for him.

    “I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and I realized I wanted to go back and do what I love to do and not just try to make a living at it. I really wanted to create my own lane. So I cut a PBS TV special two years ago and it has aired for two years and created a huge awareness for me and my big band. It’s been a blessing… When you listen to the Great American Songbook it makes you want to sit down, have a glass of wine, and dress up nice. It’s romance. That’s this entitlement that comes with it. I want to carry it on to the future.”

    While chatting, Rushlow also let it slip that he’s working on a new TV show. Although he had to stay pretty quiet about the upcoming venture, he did give us a few interesting hints.

    “I can’t say much yet… We have a network and we have the funding and everything is there. The show revolves around me as a chef and entertainer with a little bit of romance,” he says. “It boosts up my brand. It allows me to go out and tour; people will know who I am and why I’m doing it. It all points to music and my big band.”


    Stay tuned for news about Rushlow’s upcoming TV show as we hear more.