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Ticktime Review: Functional Time Management Tool

Ticktime Review

While we’re working from home, we wanted to try a tool to help improve our time management skills. We tried out Ticktime, a sleek new timer to see if it would help.

Basically, Ticktime is a “futuristic” timer that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s small, compact and stylish enough to look great on a desk or in a kitchen. It honestly looks like it’s decor. This timer has varying levels of volume as well as a silent mode so it doesn’t interrupt your workflow. The LED Display is easy to read and there are big buttons for quick starts as well as minute and second buttons for more specific times.

The website also mentions that Ticktime is the perfect way to effectively use the Pomodoro technique. For this technique, you divide your day into 25-minute intervals. This is said to increase your productivity.

So did Ticktime really help our productivity? That’s hard to say and will probably take some practice but it is a really handy gadget to have. It’s great for working out, cooking and working. It’s small, portable, easy to use and is magnetic so it can stick on your fridge!

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your time, we definitely recommend Ticktime. You can order yours and learn more about this cool timer here.