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20 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Friday the 13th’

Happy Spook-tober! Peacock just added new Halloween movies and it inspired me to revisit an old favorite. I sat down with my notes and the original Friday the 13th from 1980.

Here are 20 thoughts I had while watching Friday the 13th.

  1. Friday the 13th has such an epic opening. They introduce us to the Jason Voorhees music in a way that makes it hard to ever forget.
  2. The “campy” way it was shot to expose the first murders was so memorable but I do wish there was a little more blood and gore.
  3. This random stray dog couldn’t bother to tell the woman looking for Camp Crystal Lake to go home?!
  4. Why don’t people listen when they’re warned in horror films? Why can no one stay away from Camp Crystal Lake?
  5. “Dumb kids, know-it-alls.” The bus driver just dropped a truth bomb.
  6. The costumes must have been affordable for this movie. Just a lot of short jean shorts.
  7. He really just shot her with a bow from less than a foot away. Ouch.
  8. Jason picked up a hitchhiker. We know how this ends.
  9. That snake scares me as much as Voorhees. I’d definitely be out after seeing it.
  10. Once again, they were warned about Camp Crystal Lake! WHY AREN’T THEY LISTENING?
  11. You’ve got to love a young Kevin Bacon.
  12. This girl really just said she hated Monopoloy? That’s a cause for death, Jason.
  13. Oh, now we’re talking about Strip Monopoloy? I’m listening.
  14. Well, it was nice while we had Kevin Bacon. That’s one of the best horror movie kills, though. (This is not up for debate.)
  15. Jason’s music will forever send chills down my spine.
  16. If I am in the woods and someone screams, “Help me,” I will never help. 
  17. “Trust me” are words you should never believe when someone says them in a horror movie.
  18. Momma Vorhees is not a pleasant woman. Poor Jason.
  19. The fighting between Jason’s mom and this woman is horrendous. And this is going on way too long.
  20. I wish I saw that ending in theaters because I am sure the crowd let out a HUGE gasp! Wow.

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