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    Thomas Rhett, Maren Morris Star in Exciting Mini Movie for ‘Craving You’

    Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris‘ music video for “Craving You” is here and it’s an action-packed mini movie! 

    The music video certainly wasn’t what we were expecting — it’s so much better! They shot the music video over two days in Nashville and it’s set up like an action movie’s trailer. Rhett plays a fighting badass in leather (who also has a sexy shower scene) while Maren is his accomplice carrying the big guns. TK McKamy directed the five minute video that he describes as “Jason Bourne meets Ocean’s Eleven meets Snatch.” 

    The video shows Rhett’s two very different lives. On the one hand he’s the tough guy throwing punches and dragging dudes down a hallway. On the other, he’s loving on his pregnant wife. In the romantic clips, you’ll see a familiar face because his real-life (and really pregnant) wife Lauren has a cameo. There’s definitely more action than romance, though, and that’s a first for Rhett.

    “There are a lot of crazy action scenes — a lot of firsts for me in general in this video,” Thomas Rhett said. “I’ve always wanted to get to do a fight sequence and play a tough guy, but I think Maren definitely shows me up! TK really pushed us both since we’d never really acted before.”

    The best part is just when you think you’ve got the Bonnie and Clyde scenario figured out, the twist ending surprises the heck out of you. It’s a must watch!

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