Nashville Noise Announces Launch of ‘This Week in Nashville’ Series


Nashville Noise had a big announcement last week! The all-genre entertainment and event website launched a web series, “This Week in Nashville.”

We’ll be bringing you artist interviews, event news and what’s hot in Music City every Saturday. This week, we’re chatting about four fun events in Nashville — and one impressive charity initiative.

Justin Flom, the talented magician, is here in Nashville for a summer stint at The Standard. The Standard of Magic runs through early Sept. and you do not want to miss this. We got to preview the event and were blown away by Flom’s abilities. Watch the video above to see why.

Cheekwood‘s Cracking Art is another cool summer event that’s fun for the whole family. The exhibition is colorful art forms made from 100% recycled material. Watch the video above and you’ll learn a pro tip of how to view the exhibition — and beat the heat.

Drew Baldridge is a country singer that’s putting his talent to good use. He’s heading a charity initiative called WERD. This month he’s donating to a cause we really care about. See more in the video above and watch Baldridge discuss it himself.

Lastly, we chat about Live on the Green. The music festival has another impressive lineup and we tell you who we really want to see as well as how to avoid the crowds.


Watch our first episode of This Week in Nashville above and let us know what you want to see featured in the future. Like the video? Give it a thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe to our channel.