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    Third Eye Blind Rock Nashville with Songs New and Old

    During a gorgeous night in Nashville, Third Eye Blind performed both old favorites and brand new music. The show was part of their Summer Gods Tour 2019 show at Ascend Amphitheater with Jimmy Eat World  — and it sold out.

    As the sun was setting around Nashville’s skyline, Ra Ra Riot took the stage and set the tone for a memorable night in Music City. Jimmy Eat World performed after a short, but impressive, set from Ra Ra Riot. The band got fans excited, remembering some of their hits from the early 2000s.

    During their set, Jimmy Eat World got the audience singing along to “Sweetness,” “Pain” and “Hear You Me” before ending with fan favorite, “The Middle.”

    After a brief set change, the lights went dark and Third Eye Blind took the stage to raucous applause. Only their shadows were visible as they performed the opening behind a curtain (much like their 2017 show). When the curtain dropped, the crowd went wild. The lengthy, energetic set was pure rock ‘n roll and even included a new song from the band. The band’s frontman, Stephan Jenkins, let Nashville in on a little secret during the encore. Just hours after the show, they’d be releasing a new song and eventually, a brand new album. The audience responded well, excited for a 2019 release from the rock group.

    Although we got a taste of new music, the show was also filled with album deep cuts from various records and huge hits that we all know and love. They played “Never Let You Go,” “Graduate,” “Wounded,” “I Want You,” and “Company of Strangers” among other songs. When Jenkins sang “Motorcycle Drive By” he admitted that their record label didn’t think the song would ever make it. They didn’t think it could get radio play but, thanks to fans, the song became one of their signature tracks.

    Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the band finished with a three-song encore that included a special guest. After playing “Semi-Charmed Life,” Jenkins invited country singer Cassadee Pope onstage. She had been watching side stage. Together, they sang “Losing a Whole Year,” from the band’s self-titled debut. She brought back her pop-punk roots for the track — and looked like she fulfilled a lifelong dream.

    It’s safe to say Nashville can’t wait for another “perfect night” with the rockers.

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