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Taylor Acorn’s New Music Video is About That Moment Before ‘I Love You’

Country artist Taylor Acorn just released the music video for “Put it in a Song.” If you haven’t heard the talented singer yet, this is the perfect introduction.

Acorn wrote the new song while thinking about one of her relationships. She knew she cared about the person she was with but she wasn’t quite ready for the L word. Instead of trying to express her feelings in words, she “Put it in a Song.”

“You’re thinking of all the reasons to why you feel the way that you do, but you couldn’t personally say it,” she tells us. “That’s the vibe I was going for. I felt that could relate to a lot of people. As soon as I started writing it and playing it on my guitar, I was like, ‘Man, this has a really cool vibe to it.’”

The video also has a pretty cool vibe. The clip shows the beautiful blonde and a tall, dark and handsome gentleman enjoying their relationship. They listen to records, go for rides in a vintage car and enjoy the Tennessee summer on a front porch. Bottom line: they’re adorable. Check the cute clip out below.

There’s a lot more music where that came from by Acorn. She’s gearing up to release her EP later this month and she’s “very excited” about it. The Nashville singer says it’s truly her — every song was created by her from start to finish. She hopes this will allow people to look at who she really is an artist.

Stay tuned for more information on Acorn’s EP as we get it. For now, you can check out the music video for “Put it in a Song” and give it a thumbs up on YouTube if you like it. Like what you hear? Follow her on Twitter for covers, music news and a little taco talk.

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