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    Ways to Support Your Local Music Scene

    There are arguably few people who don’t enjoy a good live concert and, according to the ticket platform SeatGeek, Las Vegas hosts the most concerts per 100,000 residents with 59. That’s four times more than Nashville — with rock being the most popular genre.

    While it’s fun to go to those shows featuring big-name artists, supporting your local music scene offers a more intimate and typically much less expensive experience. It gives attendees the chance to discover new favorites and often the opportunity to get to know the musicians while helping out the economy, too.

    What are the best ways to support your local music scene?

    Spread the Word 

    If you’re already a fan of local artists, be sure to spread the word about them — tell family and friends, share music and other posts on social networking sites and encourage people to attend shows. 

    Attend the Shows

    Make sure you go out and support local musicians as often as you can. Physical presence is the most important thing you can do. Ideally, try to make a point of going to one show every month (more if you’re able). You might search for regular events planned by your city that involve local artists. That way, you can get the whole family involved.

    Keep in mind that the artists are typically paid, and get invited back, based on attendance. So, bring a few friends or enjoy a date night to one of the live music venues in your area. If there are multiple bands playing, try to stick around to watch them all. Even if you showed up to support a friend’s band, you might just discover another one you like even better. Remember, if no one is going to the shows, local venues are likely to die out along with your favorite bands and singers.

    Book Some of the Local Talent

    If your company is hosting a party, you know someone about to get married who is searching for a singer or band for their reception or if there’s going to be any special event that calls for a live entertainer, take advantage of the local talent. These days it’s easy to do with a talent booking app. Everyone from venue owners and managers to corporations and individuals can search for and find the best pro for the gig.

    Donate Time and Money When Possible

    If you have the time, donate it by offering to help set up or tear down at a local show, music festival or other event, as well as doing things like handing out and/or posting fliers for your favorite artists. And don’t just listen to their music for free online, contribute by purchasing their music whenever possible. If there’s a local band or singer you really like, buy extra copies of albums for gifts to those with similar tastes. 

    If you’re on a tight budget, consider picking up cheap merchandise like buttons, stickers and so on. Even small purchases can really help support local music.