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    Sundance Film Festival 2021: ‘Land’ Film Review

    'Land' packs an emotional punch as Robin Wright gives a career-best performance.

    IMDB: “A bereaved woman seeks out a new life, off the grid in Wyoming.”

    We begin this journey with Edee (Robin Wright), a middle-aged woman who’s moved to the country to be completely isolated. It’s not long until we learn what made her take such drastic measures to be alone. She’s trying to forge ahead in this new life but she continues to see her husband and son who leave her to deal with her not-so-distant past.

    It doesn’t take long for us to see how this lifestyle is taking a toll on Edee. Mother nature, surprise animal visits and her inability to nourish herself in this environment all play a part. It becomes too much and causes her to collapse.

    Luckily, a hunter named Miguel stumbles across Edee’s cabin and saves her life. Their relationship is a struggle in the beginning as she struggles with trust issues but eventually he breaks those barriers. He teachers her the ropes of living in the country. Their relationship eventually opens up Edee and shows a side of her that she’s kept hidden up until this point.

    Throughout Land, Wright gives an emotionally riveting performance in what may be the best performance of her career. This was her first time behind the camera, which can sometimes affect an actor’s performance, but that didn’t happen here at all. This film has minimal dialogue so she’s able to convey everything through effective body language, facial expressions and even her visible frustration. Her performance blew me away.

    The film works on every level, and it is a slow burn style of film that represents what cinema is all about.

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