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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Singer-Songwriter Stevie Redstone

    Nashville Noise recently had the privilege to sit down with talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Stevie Redstone.

    Redstone was born and raised in LA and his diverse musical influences show through his music. He’s spreading positivity through song, especially with his new single, “Now.”

    Nashville Noise: First of all, I want to talk about your influences. Your bio lists everyone from The Beatles to Phish. How did you first discover your diverse taste in music?
    Stevie Redstone: I think it’s a combination of a few things. My folks love 60s music so there was a lot of that in the house and in the car growing up. I was lucky to have friends and mentors with diverse tastes that showed me some cool stuff when I got a little older. Beyond that, it’s just good old fashioned exploration. I’ve poked around and listened to lots of music — random radio stations and obviously on the internet but I still feel like it’s the tip of the iceberg, and always will be.

    Your “performed with” list is pretty impressive and diverse. It includes The Who, Robert Plant and Dave Grohl. What have you learned getting to do that with such iconic artists?
    SR: It was inspiring to see these guys who have been in the game for a little while to still be kicking such serious ass. It shows that if you take care of yourself, nurture your craft and keep your head in the game you can bring people joy for a long long time — and that’s awesome.

    I love that your music is so eclectic but I really love that you list your honesty as a part of your sound. When you started creating music, at what point did you know that being incredibly open and honest was important to you?
    SR: I remember one of my earliest music/recording mentors talking to me about purity and honesty in your approach to writing music. How important it is to let your light shine, whatever color it may be. So perhaps he planted the seed early on. But beyond that, I’ve really just been letting my truth and my gut take the lead on this journey.

    Some phonies may slip through the cracks and have short, or not-so-short careers but I think most of the people who we call legends are guys and gals who have remained true to themselves and given the world a glimpse into who they are. Now, that’s not to say that songwriters don’t have to come up with things to write about instead of waiting for personal inspiration. They must! Performers have to do just that, put on a show. Your true self can still shine through in those circumstances and that’s what I’ve tried to do.

    You’ve currently got your single, “Now,” out. What’s the story behind that song?
    SR: “Now” is a song about cutting through a lot of the noise and negative energy that’s flying around these days with a message of love.

    With the song, you released a performance video, which seems like something else you’re pretty passionate about. How would you describe your live show for people who’ve never seen you play?
    SR: I’ve always loved singing and performing live music. I’m very lucky to play with some great L.A. musicians and the show is at least partially inspired by the jam bands I grew up going to see like Phish and various permutations of the Allman Bros and the Dead. We’re not a full on jam band per se but we definitely open up the songs live and play them a little different than their recorded versions. It’s a very high energy, danceable, fun, funky and sweaty live show. I’m a legendary sweater on stage.

    What are your goals for this new song?
    SR: I’d be lying if didn’t say that I hope it can bring some attention to what we’ve been putting all this love into. I’d love for the tune to connect with lots of people, not only because I find it pretty catchy but because of its positive message!

    Lastly, what do you have in store for your music in 2019?
    SR: We’ll be dropping a full album in the spring and playing a bunch of shows to support it! I’m also knee deep in writing tunes for the next one. Follow us on the interwebs. It’s all happening. 

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