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    Stella Parton Celebrates Five Decades in Entertainment with ‘Survivor’ Album

    Stella Parton is celebrating a huge anniversary. She’s commemorating five decades in the entertainment business with a new album, Survivor.

    Parton’ has been a part of the entertainment industry as not only an award-winning singer and songwriter but also an actress, author producer. To celebrate the anniversary, she’s releasing her 40th studio album. Survivor drops on March 29.

    She independently produced the 10-song project, which she recorded at Nashville Sound Project House with engineer Mike Loudermilk. On the record are eight of her original songs including “I Ain’t Leavin’ ‘Til I’m Even,” a collaboration with Wayne Carson. Each of the songs addresses a different issue from the #MeToo movement to drug abuse to Alzheimer’s disease and even divorce. For the final two songs, Parton put her own spin on Bob Seger‘s classic “Like A Rock” and Avicii‘s mega-hit “Wake Me Up.” 

    “A singer should be able to touch the listener with ‘three chords and the truth’ as Harlan Howard used to say. That was my approach to writing and recording this project and I hope that these songs inspire anyone that hears them press on through whatever challenges or opposition they find themselves up against,” she said before adding, “because we are all survivors!”

    The full track listing for Survivor is below. Pre-order the album by clicking on the album artwork.

    Survivor Track Listing:

    1. “Wake Me Up”
    2. “It Can Be An Illusion”
    3. “Valley Of Desire”
    4. “Forget Me Not”
    5. “The Last Rose Of Summer”
    6. “Crazy Cradle of Love” 
    7. “Dirty Rotten Dog”
    8. “Like A Rock”
    9. “I Ain’t Leavin’ ‘Til I’m Even” 
    10. “I Press On”


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