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    Stassi Schroeder Looking Forward to TPAC Show, Nashville Visit | Interview

    "Nashville is actually one of the cities I’m most looking forward to going."

    Vanderpump Rules star and New York Times bestselling author, Stassi Schroeder, is bringing a live version of her podcast titled, Straight up with Stassi LIVE, to TPAC’s Polk Theater on Oct. 2. Schroeder took a few minutes to chat with Nashville Noise‘s Coti Howell about the show, her recent engagement and what she loves about Nashville.

    The newly engaged reality star is now more than 250 episodes into her podcast and it’s been wildly successful. It may be an easy decision for some popular podcasters to decide that it’s time to take their show on the road but it wasn’t for Schroeder.

    “It took me a while to get here, I’m gonna be honest,” she said before admitting her first thought was, “I can’t just get up there and make these people laugh. That sounds so scary. I slowly had to get to the point where I’m… actually, like ready.”


    Now she’s feeling ready and she’s even excited about this new venture. The New Orleans native has also been putting her creativity to work by helping with the set design.

    “It’s taken so much time and the set is superb. It’s amazing. There’s so many surprises I have for people and things that I don’t think I can say yet. I didn’t want to do a show that’s just a couch and me and my guests just sitting there talking into a microphone. I wanted it to be an experience for people.”

    Unfortunately, this experience doesn’t include Shroeder singing but it could include a dance number. “I’m not going to say no,” she said with a laugh. We do know that the live podcast will include special guests, Beau Clark (her fiancé) and Taylor Strecker when it stops at TPAC. Clark is a large part of why she loves Music City.

    “My fiancé has family there so I have visited them… I just had the best time so Nashville is actually one of the cities I’m most looking forward to going,” she said before telling us she loves going on Broadway. “Everyone’s so nice. Everyone’s so friendly and it’s really relaxed.”

    Hopefully, she has a little downtime while she’s here to enjoy a few minutes on Broadway or some hot chicken (she loves spicy food). After all, she’s a busy girl and it’s not just because she’s going on tour. She’s also planning a wedding (her gorgeous engagement ring is a family heirloom from Clark’s aunt here in Nashville) and has been working with JustFab. Despite the fact that the 31-year-old is crazy busy, she wouldn’t change her success for anything — and she has a tip for anyone looking for their own success.

    “[Don’t] follow anyone else. I think the reason why I have everything that I have is because I didn’t look at somebody else’s career and think, ‘That’s what I’m going to do.’ I stuck with who I am and what I know and hoped that people would relate to it and liked it and it’s worked out pretty well.”

    It definitely has. You can see her in all her quick-witted glory right here in Nashville on Oct. 2. Her VIP tickets are sold out but a few tickets still remain. Grab yours here and don’t forget to grab a copy of her book by clicking on the artwork below.