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    Country Duo Smithfield Discuss Unique Single ‘When You’re Gone’

    Country duo Smithfield just released a new single, “When You’re Gone,” and it’s a little different for them — but “in a good way.”

    Jennifer Fielder and Trey Smith, AKA Smithfield, made a big impression with their sophomore single, “Hey Whiskey.” That was in the fall of 2016 and now they’re back with a new one. They just released “When You’re Gone,” a song that Smith says is “a little bit different than what we’ve done in the past but we feel like in a good way.”

    The song started as an idea Smith had but, at that time, it was a sad breakup song.

    “It was a song title that I brought in to a write with our buddies Adam James and Brennin Hunt one day. It was just something I had and I originally thought it would be ‘When You’re Gone I Miss You’,” he explains.

    His writing partners “quickly shot that down” and he got back to the drawing board. After some small talk amongst the writers, they found another meaning for the phrase. Hunt mentioned how sexy his wife is — when she’s tipsy. Thus, a song was born.

    “When You’re Gone” has only been out a few weeks but they’re already getting a “great” response from fans. And there’s more where that came from. They’re busy working on new music and they hope to release it this fall.

    “We have an EP in the works that we want to release it a little bit differently, we haven’t decided how we’re going to do it,” Fielder explains. “I want fans to be on the lookout for that because we like to do things a little different and unique.”

    Although we have a little time before the exciting EP release from the duo, the new single is the perfect download for the end of summer. We suggest playing it with a significant other and a cold drink. Cheers!

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