Sister Hazel Chat ‘Earth’ EP, The Rock Boat + Hazelnuts Backstage at the Opry

Sister Hazel took a few minutes while prepping for their fourth Grand Ole Opry performance to sit down with Nashville Noise‘s Coti Howell. We talked about their brand new EP, the 20th anniversary of The Rock Boat and that one time Ken Block twirled his underwear above his head onstage.

The band just dropped their final EP in a four-part series. Earth dropped on Friday (Sept. 6) and it’s, hands down, the best of the four. They co-wrote each song with other talented writers including Darius Rucker (“Raising a Rookie”). It’s a special collection of songs and they consider it their “favorite child.”

Although they’ve been busy releasing all this music, the band is also gearing up for the 20th Anniversary of The Rock Boat. Do they have anything big planned for this year? They certainly do. They told us as much as they could in the interview. Sister Hazel also shared a pretty interesting story about Ken Block twirling his underwear above his head while on stage during a show. That’s a story you have got to hear (it’s approximately 9:40 in the video).

Watch all that and so much more in the interview above and download Earth below.