Exclusive Premiere: Hear the Story Behind Sister Hazel’s ‘Come a Day’

Sister Hazel‘s new EP, Wind, drops Sept. 7 and the band’s Andrew Copeland is breaking it down for us. He’s opening up about our favorite track from the EP, “Come a Day.”

The platinum-selling band is gearing up to release their six-track follow-up to WaterThis EP is Volume II of a compilation series appropriately titled ElementsWind was produced by the band and includes writer contributions from Billy and Randy Montana, Marti Frederiksen, Jim McCormick and more.

Although we’re enjoying all six of the tracks, “Come a Day” is a standout and it’s actually a song that Copeland wrote many years ago. It’s always been the perfect Sister Hazel song and the band held on to it, knowing they’d release it eventually. It fit perfectly on Wind and kicks off the EP in a mellow yet meaningful way.

“‘Come a Day’ is a song that I wrote, actually, a bunch of years ago with Randy and Billy Montana,” Copeland explains in the above video. “We’ve always known it was going to end up on a record but we just never kind of made the puzzle pieces fit together like we did this time and I love the way this song turned out.”

Watch Copeland discuss the song above and pre-order the EP here. If you pre-order the record, you get the instant grat track, “Small Town Living.” In addition to the digital download and CD, this release offers exclusive limited-edition merchandise bundles available that are available here.


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