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    Shania Twain Calls for ‘Equality’ During 2023 CMT Awards Honor

    Megan Thee Stallion presented Shania Twain with her Equal Play award during the 2023 CMT Awards. We realized the rap queen is just like us as she fan girled over the iconic country star.

    “I don’t wanna cheese this hard,” Megan said calling Twain her “new bestie.” “She’s an inspiration to me and millions of others.”

    With those words, she presented Twain with the Equal Play award as the crowd roared. She started her speech with those iconic words, “Let’s go girls…” which only caused the audience to cheer even louder.

    As Twain talked about how important CMT is to her (they gave her her very first award, after all), the audience could be seen talking about how incredible Twain looked in a fun purple two-piece set and cowboy hat. She impressed everyone with how ageless she looks but it was her words that really stood out to us.

    Twain said, “I believe in an all-inclusive” country music genre as she called on the industry to do more for equality and to close the gap. She proudly stated she wants equality regardless of age, gender or race. And that is a statement we can get behind.