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    Shane Henderson Discusses Solo Co-Headlining Tour with June Divided

    Shane Henderson, of Valencia and Redemption, is coming to Nashville with June Divided. Fans may know Henderson from Valencia or Promise of Redemption, but he’s currently touring solo.

    He’s co-headlining the tour that hits Nashville’s own The Local on Aug. 29. Nashville Noise sat down with Henderson to chat about the tour, Nashville and what’s it like touring as a solo artist.

    Nashville Noise: You’re SO close to the tour kickoff. How are you feeling now?
    Shane Henderson: I am really excited to get on the road and play. Especially being able to play songs from all the various projects I have released. We’re doing this one a bit differently and I think anyone who comes and is a fan of Valencia or myself will really enjoy this! There are always a little bit of nerves with promoting tours, but all in all, what excites me is getting that guitar on and singing again!

    What’s it like co-headlining a tour? Are there big differences?
    SH: Co-headlining is kind of like starting a new team. You go at the promotion of the tour together and do fun things on the road together. This one, in particular, is going to be special because I will have June Divided backing me up as my band and we are able to take these songs in fun new directions.

    And what’s it like for you performing on a tour as a solo artist? Is it more challenging?
    SH: It is much more challenging! You have to really rely on yourself a lot more, and take more ownership of everything going on around you. In terms of performance, I don’t feel performing has ever seemed different from the two aspects. It is always a cathartic experience no matter if playing solo or with [a] band.

    You’ll be playing Nashville’s The Local later this month. What can fans expect from that show?
    SH: They can expect a full setlist of songs they may not be expecting, but will definitely be singing along to! They can also expect a full on show with a backing band, and not just an acoustic guitar. This tour is about the music, so our focus is really in the listening and enjoyment of the music and the energy behind it!

    Have you played Music City before? What do you like about playing this Music-centric city?
    SH: Nashville is like a second home to me! My brother and his family live there, Valencia has always had a great relationship with our beloved Nash family. The fact [that] you can’t walk around without hearing music is a beautiful thing. For someone like myself, it is heaven to be constantly inspired by new musicians and music. I hope all my Nashville friends can make it on the 29th of August so we can celebrate that love of music once again!

    Grab tickets to see Shane Henderson with June Divided at The Local here. Check out our chat with June Divided, too.

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