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    September 2023 New Music: All-Genre Playlist from Nashville Noise

    We’ve rounded up our favorite music releases from September 2023. This month’s faves include Track45, Jon Muq, Sufjan Stevens, Maren Morris and more.

    “When I Grow Up” – Track45

    Track45 released this song during Suicide Prevention Week, for people who are struggling. “When I Grow Up is for anyone who feels like they’re alone in what they’re going through,” the band says. “If you’ve ever been in a dark place, or had someone close to you struggle with mental illness, it can feel isolating — especially when you’re young. Hopefully this song will create a space where people can hear their own stories in this song and feel seen.”

    “The Tree” – Maren Morris

    Morris released a two-song EP (The Bridge) with “The Tree” and “Get the Hell Out of Here” and with it, she announced she’s leaving country music. “These two songs are incredibly key to my next step because they express a very righteously angry and liberating phase of my life these last couple of years but also how my navigation is finally pointing towards the future, whatever that may be or sound like,” Morris explains. “Honoring where I’ve been and what I’ve achieved in country music, but also freely moving forward.

    “The Tree” is our playlist selection but both tracks are worth adding to your rotation. Of the song, Morris says, “‘The Tree’ is about a toxic ‘family tree’ burning itself to the ground. Halfway through, I realize it’s burning itself down without any of my help. This song evokes the pain of exhausting all your love and time for this person or ‘entity’ but realizing it’s just a draining, transactional relationship that isn’t nourishing in any healthy way. By the end of the song, I give myself permission to face the sun, plant new seeds where it’s safer to grow and realize that sometimes there IS greener grass elsewhere.”

    “Carolina Burns” – Carter Faith

    “‘Carolina Burns’ is one of those songs that I always knew I had to write, almost like it was living inside of me and clawing its way out a little,” Carter Faith says of writing this track. “It’s a song about my first heartbreak and not being able to shake the people, places and memories in your past, even though you couldn’t be farther away from them.”