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    Selena Gomez Teases Forthcoming Single ‘Fetish’

    Selena Gomez is generating quite the buzz for her upcoming single. “Fetish” drops on Friday but she teased a snippet of the audio with fans on Tuesday. 

    Gomez has been busy Twitter teasing her fans about her forthcoming release. She tweeted a photoshoot picture of herself sitting in the middle of a neighborhood street. The 24-year-old also tweeted a silent video of the same neighborhood with sprinklers and a beam of sunlight. But on Tuesday she let fans get a sneak peek at the song’s audio (or so we think).

    We won’t get to hear the full audio until Friday but we do know that the song features Gucci Mane. In the 16-second clip, we see a small portion of Gomez’s face as she sings the words to the new track. “Take it or leave it, baby take it or leave it, / But I know you won’t leave it, / Because I know that you need it. / Look in the mirror, now look in the mirror. / Baby, I see it clearer, Why you want to be nearer,” her glossy lips sing.

    Within the first seven hours, the tweet had more than 28K retweets and 71K likes. Fans responded with appreciative gifs and positive comments. One fan excitedly said, “Queen Gomez is coming.” It’s safe to say Selenators are excited.

    Gomez’s biggest fans have a couple more days to wait before hearing “Fetish” in its entirety. In the meantime, she’s urging fans to pre-save it to be the first ones to hear it.

    What do you think of the 16-second video clip? Let us know in the comments below.

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