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    Divorced Dad Makes Proposal Extra Special with the Help of Jake Owen

    This weekend, Jake Owen performed during Louisville's Fourth Street Live. It was just a fun night of music for all the concertgoers — all...

    ELEL to Bring Indie Pop Dance Party to Frist Center This Friday

    Nashville Noise's favorite local indie pop band, ELEL, have joined the Frist Center's outdoor summer concert series, Frist Fridays, for the 2017 season. ELEL's catchy...

    Country Duo Smithfield Discuss Unique Single ‘When You’re Gone’

    Country duo Smithfield just released a new single, "When You're Gone," and it's a little different for them — but "in a good way." Jennifer...

    It’s 2017 and Sisqo Has Finally Released a New Thong Song [Watch]

    Sisqo's "Thong Song" is back and it's the track you didn't you needed this summer. He teamed up with JCY for the 2017 remake. "She...

    7 Best Things I Saw at Bonnaroo 2017

    Bonnaroo 2017 has come to a close and the 16th annual festival was nothing short of spectacular. Now that it's over, Nashville Noise contributor...

    Beth Beighey Reveals the Deep Meaning Behind ‘Wild,’ Tells Her Wildest Stories

    Beth Beighey is a Nashville singer-songwriter whose journey has brought her to this moment. Her debut EP, Wild, is out now and she's baring her...

    Thomas Rhett Brings Willa Gray Onstage During His Home Team Tour

    Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, recently adopted Willa Gray from Uganda and the little beauty is already impressing crowds. Willa Gray isn't even two...

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