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    Exclusive Song Premiere: Samantha Tieger’s Soulful ‘Close My Eyes’

    This has been a hard year for everyone. Many people have been isolated away from friends and family and that’s what inspired Nashville singer-songwriter Samantha Tieger’s sweet new song. “Close My Eyes” reminds people that we can connect emotionally — even when we’re not together.

    “The idea for this song was inspired by the friends that I’m physically distanced from and the fact that we’re still always there for each other,” she explains. “It’s been heartwarming to see how those in my life have interpreted the song in a way that’s personal to them. They’ve told me the song has helped them feel closer to long-distance family members and friends, as well as to people in their lives that they’ve lost. Having received such a positive emotional response to the lyrics has been really special and I’m so excited to share this song with the world.”

    “Close My Eyes” is a song of hope during a difficult time and Tieger’s voice and delivery only add to that message. There’s a sweetness about her voice, about her lyrics. In a word, the song and its message are mesmerizing.

    “Close My Eyes” was co-produced by Ed O’Donnell and Bobby Campbell, with Tieger and O’Donnell as co-writers. The track will officially drop on July 31 but we have the exclusive premiere below. Stay tuned for more from Tieger, the song will be included on her forthcoming six-song debut EP later this summer.

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