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Sam Hunt Reveals He’s ‘Finished’ with His New Album

Good news is here for all you Sam Hunt fans!

The country singer took to Instagram to share some big news with all of his fans. They’ve been patiently waiting for new music and it’s coming (and, hopefully, soon). To reveal the news, Hunt shared a “candid” photo with his “guys.”

“I finished up a new record this weekend and got together with the guys yesterday to start learning new songs!” he captioned the photo.

We’ve recently gotten a taste of the Georgia native’s new music with his most recent release, “Sinning with You.” He dropped that single earlier this year after it was originally scheduled for release in late 2019. Hunt also released his catchy and upbeat “Kinfolks” last fall.

Although we have no release date for this new record, we do expect it to drop this year. Hunt told Rolling Stone the new album may sound a little more traditional, while still being modern.

Stay tuned for more information on Hunt’s forthcoming album. For now, you can download “Sinning with You” by clicking on the album artwork below.

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