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    Sam Hunt Releases New Single, ‘Downtown’s Dead’

    Sam Hunt fans have been waiting for this! The country singer announced his next single, “Downtown’s Dead,” on Tuesday morning and revealed it to the world on Wednesday.

    Hunt took to social media to make the big announcement. He archived his artistic Instagram page and hid all of his previous images. He then uploaded just one photo along with the announcement. In the image, Hunt has a small beard and short hair. He’s wearing a camel colored shirt in front of a tan backdrop. The caption was simple. All he did was announce that his new single would drop tomorrow.

    After posting the photo, social media went wild with the news. He got nearly 1,000 likes a minute in the first 40 minutes after the post. Fans commented things like “Finally!” and “Can’t wait.” One fan said that this announcement meant that it’s officially summer.

    It’s been over a year since Hunt released new music to his fans. He last released “Body Like a Back Road” in February of last year. The song blew up, becoming a hit on both pop and country radio stations. To this day, it’s his most successful single. Since that release, Hunt has gotten married and we haven’t heard a lot from him. He’s focused more on his marriage than music but he’s getting back to his musical roots. That’s no surprise considering his wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, seems to be his muse.

    “Downtown’s Dead” is out now. Check it out below and download your own digital copyof the single. You’ll have it stuck in your head in no time.

    “Downtown’s Dead without you, girls walk by and friends say hi, Friday night it might as well be just another Tuesday night without you. As long as you’re still in my head there ain’t no way that I can paint a ghost town red.”