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    Music Crush of the Month: Roderick August’s Debut Album

    Nashville Noise recently announced singer-songwriter Roderick August as October’s Music Crush of the Month. This week, it was time to highlight my favorite song from his debut album. After listening to it time and time again, I quickly realized that was an impossible task. His record is just too good.

    So, instead of highlighting one song, I’m highlighting a few standouts from the album. Use that as a guide to decide which track should be your introduction to the musical stylings of Roderick August. There’s truly something for everyone.

    If you’re typically not a fan of chill singer-songwriter vibes like The Lumineers, you’ll hear a more rocker sound on “More Easily.” This song maintains the beauty of a folk song with an upbeat background. It’s special.

    If none of these titles have sparked your interest so far, start with “Float” or “Lightning Bolt.” Although it’s impossible to pick a favorite, these two would sit pretty high on the list.

    Support August’s music and download a copy of his album below. You won’t be disappointed.

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