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    Review: Light and Comfy ZebraOasis Recyclable Shoes

    We were so excited to try this unique shoe from ZebraOasis! It’s a fully recyclable shoe, with the ability to come completely apart by simply pulling a string. After testing them out, we’re ready to give our thoughts on the shoe’s look, comfort and the concept.


    When we first read about this sustainable shoe, we thought with such a great concept, it could never look good. Sure, the photos looked ok but how great did it look in person? When we got them in the mail we were very pleasantly surprised! We received the neutral color (the grey looks even chicer!) and it truly goes with anything. The shoes have a ribbed texture, making them a great casual, everyday option. The coolest part about the shoe’s exterior? They didn’t use any dyes!

    We tested the pair on the bottom.


    The comfort felt with these ZebraOasis shoes rivaled some of my favorite casual tennis shoes. These shoes are so light, it feels like you’re wearing nothing. The airy sole is made with 100% recyclable TPU foam and is easily foldable if you’re on the go.


    These shoes have an R-ring (R stands for recycling), which allows the shoe to separate completely for recycling. According to their website, “The R-ring separates the sole and upper of shoes, allowing each component to be placed in different recycling bins for proper recycling and biodegradation. With 22 billion shoes produced annually, it’s crucial to address their impact on the environment. Discarded shoes often end up in landfills or incinerated, causing significant pollution. The R-ring helps individuals reduce this impact by making it easier to recycle their shoes.”

    We are now big fans of ZebraOasis and their sustainability efforts. Check out their Kickstarter, where you can support them, here.

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