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    Review: Walker Montgomery’s New EP ‘Work to Do’

    Work To Do, the new EP from Walker Montgomery, with its snappy lyrics and throwback sound, is an artfully crafted job well done. The Kentucky-born Walker has created a six-song collection that includes something for everybody. With two ballads, two mid-tempo tunes, and two upbeat “can’t help but turn them up” toe-tappers, Work to Do is a beautiful balance of country music.

    The opening track, “Lonely For A Livin’,” starts with a solid guitar-fueled intro that will immediately give listeners a good ole Texas dance hall vibe. Heavy on the fiddle led by fire vocals and a killer bridge, this two-steppin’ toe-tapper will leave you feeling like you’re “sitting on a million” if you could do lonely for a living.

    Next, Montgomery puts the poison to work with these clever lyrics: “Yeah tonight this bottle better roll up its sleeves. ‘Cause neither one of us is gonna get any sleep. I’m on the rocks. So he’s on the clock.” The EP’s title track also boasts a solid drum beat and stellar instrumentation. It’s a modern twist on a classic whiskey tune and it’s easily one of the best top-shelf liquor songs of the last decade.

    The EP’s third track is “Tired of You.” Nothing beats a fiddle and a steel guitar for setting a mood and this one is definitely a mood. Don’t let it fool you, though, it’s not just another broken heart song. Smartly written, “tired of the same old, same old things I gotta do, but I’ll never get tired of you,” Walker delivers a solid, relatable love song accompanied by just a hint of that old-school twang.

    Take a few of your (not so) favorite things and make it a country song. That’s precisely what Walker has done with the EP’s fourth track. “If you’re feeling, you’re living,” he sings in “Thing That Break My Heart.” He then goes on to describe those things including “sad ole country songs” and when the “Friday night home team lose more than they win.” Fans will love this standout song!

    We’ve all been there. We’ve all had one too many and swore up and down that was the last time. Montgomery has the drinking song for that in “Never Again One More Time.” So when your friends call and that “five o’clock twist top turns into 10” kind of night meets an intoxicating guitar solo, you’ll be singing along. You’ll be toasting “here’s to one more shots, and hell, why nots” and turning never again into one more time. Just don’t forget to hydrate!

    “Time Stood Still” is the final track on the EP and it sounds like the wedding song of the season! A true storyteller, Montgomery paints the perfect love story from the moment a woman takes the empty seat next to him. He takes us along for the love story as he lets her lead “’cause I don’t dance” all the while George Strait plays on the jukebox. This leads to their first kiss, and the audience feels it while time stands still. Accompanied by the sweet sounds of the fiddle, Montgomery’s outstanding vocals shine on this timeless ballad, setting the stage for what will no doubt be a first dance song for the ages.

    Montgomery and his fellow songwriters and musicians have created the perfect showcase for his talent. This EP will entertain fans while continuing to build the foundation for what will undoubtedly be a long, celebrated future in country music. Listen to the Work to Do EP below and follow him on Instagram for more news from the country singer.


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