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    Review: Pamu Slide 2 is a Smaller, More Powerful Earbud

    Pamu advertises their newest earbud, Pamu Slide 2, as smaller and more powerful. And they were spot on. This is their best earbud yet. We know we’ve said that before but these new earbuds took our favorite feature (comfort) and elevated it once again.

    We based our review on a few factors that are important to us including comfort, sound quality and noise canceling ability.

    The Pamu Slide 2 was marketed to “never fall out,” something we were admittedly a little skeptical about. Not only did they pass the test during a 30-minute cardio session, but they also started and remained comfortable throughout! These are Pamu’s most comfortable earbuds, making them our new favorite.

    This new model has several features that give it impressive sound quality. The noise canceling ability lets you really hear the music you’re listening to, even if you’re in a crowded airport. They also have vocal enhancement for extra clarity and impressive bass for a small device. Add that to the fact that these use the latest Bluetooth and you’ll see why the Pamu Slide 2 has such great sound!

    Get your hands on these great earbuds and find out all about the new Pamu Slide 2 here.