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    Review: PaMu Quiet’s Noise Cancelling Earbuds

    PaMu Quiet dropped our absolute favorite thing in 2020 — their PaMu Quiet noise cancelling earbuds! As you may already know, we are huge fans of PaMu but these are our favorite (by far).

    The ANC earbuds are the very first ones with a dual chip scheme (Qualcomm and AMS), which helps them reduce noise by 40 dB. The company claims that this makes them the “best Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) earphones you can buy.”

    So, are these earbuds really everything they say they are? We tested them out for a month to bring those answers to you.

    PaMu has always consistently brought us great sound and these are no different. The bass is respectable but not too much. Combine the sound with the noise cancellation and you’ve got some earbuds perfect for loud atmospheres like planes, gyms and more. Despite the graphic (which is pretty hard to argue with), we don’t think these are the best noise cancellation headphones but they are the best for the price. And the noise cancelling feature is very impressive.

    These automatically connect and stay connected. We had no connectivity issues with the PaMu Quiet. They’re also comfortable — which is a huge factor when it comes to earbuds. The carrying case is perfect for travel, too. These earbuds, while in their case, look like a stopwatch with an accompanying string to even wear on your neck while on a plane. The other thing we love is the battery life. Like all of PaMu’s earbuds, these have incredible battery life.

    Overall, the PaMu Quiet earbuds are our favorite earbuds ever. Find out more and get your pair here. You can see the unboxing of our earbuds here.


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