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Review: Old Dominion’s ‘Easier Said with Rum’

Old Dominion just surprised their fans with yet another single from their upcoming, highly anticipated fifth album. “Easier Said With Rum” comes just days after the band released their lead single, “Memory Lane,” which debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. With a smooth island vibe, “Easier Said With Rum” takes OD fans on a trip down a memory lane paved with the band’s signature poetic lyrics and instrumentation.

The single opens with frontman and lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, reaching into his bag of tricks and coming out with a rich, deep vocal that sets the mood for this melodic tune about heartbreak and regret. “Don’t know what time it is there. Down here it’s way past 5 o’clock. Blew through a couple hurricanes and heard your name and it tied me up in knots,” he sings. Ramsey along with co-writers, Chase McGill, Matt Jenkins and bandmate, Brad Tursi, seamlessly weave a tale of a relationship gone wrong. “I’m sorry I’m sorry took so long to roll off my tongue,” words left unsaid that are now “easier said with rum.”

Accompanying the lyrics, the mellow sounds of Tursi’s smooth as-silk guitar skills, and the subtle bassline delivered by bassist, Geoff Sprung paint a poignant picture of a love that’s visiting its “last resort.”

With its seemingly effortless combination of nostalgia and unforgettable phrasing and sound, “Easier Said With Rum” feels like Old Dominion. Yet, it feels like a new phase where the band is better than ever.

Listen to the new song below.

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