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    Review: Megan Knight Finds ‘Good Luck’ with New Single

    “Good Luck” getting the newest release from Megan Knight out of your head because she found her pot of gold with this toe tapper. This single is charmingly filled with catchy and clever lyrics, while never feeling forced. It flows into a melodic yet bouncy tune that you’ll want to turn up and put on repeat.

    “Don’t ever settle in life. If you’re ever in a relationship where you feel you’re not being treated right, simply tell them ‘Good Luck’ and have them get a move on with their life.” –

    Megan Knight

    Not just another country cowgirl break up song, Knight and her co-writers (and co-producers), James LeBlanc and Jimmy Nutt, turned the tables and delivered a lucky charm. With a wink to the phrase, “good luck with that,” and inspired lines such as, “think you can find you something better, some kind of magical happy ever after, go on and get up in your truck… good luck” the song delivers a take charge attitude backed by quippy lyrics.

    With just enough twang, a classic guitar solo, and over the rainbow vocals, this South Jersey songstress will have country music listeners feeling like the lucky ones.

    Check out the track below on our August 2023 New Music Playlist and, if you like it, make sure to follow Knight on Spotify!