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    Song Review: Chase Miller’s Catchy ‘Supposed to Be’

    Chase Miller’s a Southern California country singer; he’s been performing and writing music since high school. In 2015, Miller made the conscious decision to seriously pursue the genre and he’s been doing just that, while growing a dedicated fanbase, ever since.

    He’s a blend of pop/rock and traditional country and it appears his fans can’t get enough. On Spotify, the indie artist has 18,576 monthly listeners and counting. He’s connecting with fans in a big way and his new song is continuing that trend. Since its release, less than two months ago, “Supposed to Be” has garnered more than 35,000 streams.

    The new single is an interesting love story with an infectious melody. The song starts off with passion and persistence with Miller singing, “You don’t want me it ain’t hard to see. I can tell by the way you write me off. I can’t just go and shake it off.”

    As the upbeat song continues, so does the story. It goes on, “Stick with me baby because you’re finally free. We’re where we’re supposed to be.” The clever lyrics only add to the addictiveness of this earworm song. If its early streaming success is any indication, this song will only grow Miller’s fanbase.

    Check out “Supposed to Be” below and follow Miller on Spotify, if you like it.

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